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With our in house conventional and cnc machines, as well as our network of partners we offer wide range of services, from simple machining, welding, coating and finishing to more robust fabrication of industrial and architectural products. Every day we are hear to design and manufacture products engineered by us or You.


Our team in production unit Sławków is ready to bring life to Your ideas. Below You will find a list of our service, if you didn’t find what you where looking for don’t hasitate to contact us. We will try to help you in our range of capabilities or contact you with engineers and designers in our network of partners.


Our team of engineeers is ready to help you realize your ideas from prototyping, preparation of tools to production of the final product.

Rapid Prototyping – our team is ready to prepare 3d model with documentations, wizualizations and physical product in just a couple of days.

Tool design and manufacturing – customized design tools for industrial field including customizised metal stamping and forming tools.

Manufacturing Process - carrried out in full commitment to quality and service

Project Managment – we can store and update your project after getting feedback from users so the product could be changed from one production batch to the next.


Show us the desired outcome and we will provide a solution.

Our qualified engineers and technicians will work with you to find the best answer for your problems. Wheter it’s industrial, design or architectural matter we will remove any obstacle on your way to achieve perfect results.


Whether is simple addition of bolt on casters, complex machanical assembly, or onsite project assembly, we will ensure Your finished product is delivered to you ready to operate.


To ensure complete satisfaction, we offer in house manufacturing, quality control and testing.


We have cnc cutting, stamping and forming in house capabilities as well as excellent partners with laser cutting. 


Whether your metal fabrication project requires a raw finish with beautiful exposed TIG welds, a complete polished finish, powder coating, or other specialty coatings processes, we have the capabilities and skilled expertise to handle it. 

Cutting, forming, bending and stamping sheet metal on cnc machines, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium or special purpose metals.


You can chose your proces of coating and finishing.


We are providing state of the art liquid and powder coating, as well as zinc coating and aluminum anodizing. For pretreatment – sandblasting and chemical treatment to achieve desired quality, durability and corrosion resistance of products.


Manufacturing of products often requires special special slots and tools, our expierenced team can designed and manufacture parts for this purpose.


We will provide a complete solution including project documentation.


For our clients we are providing complete solutions in manufacturing.


We are designing and manufacturing single stations with and without automatic capabilities as well as all production lines including special stations, roller and tape conveyors, industrial robots and manipulators.


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Tel. +48 790 770 728