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Functional Design

Using advence modeling our engineering team is ready to help you during manufacturing and design processes​

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Using advence 3d Modelling we can prepare vizualizations of Your product. Wheter it’s Your machine, construction or interior designs we are hear to help You achieve desired outcome. 

With our in-house engineering, 3d solid modeling design, complete fabrication and machining, we can help You manufacture Your product.

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One of the firsts steps of production and maybe most important step is well designed engineering solution.
Enumeric Control engineering team is tailored to each individual project and can provide copmplementary service depending on your needs. Working on every project we ensure that Best Available Technique (BAT) is used in every case. Preparing all documentation, right through to the final stage as built design is updated.

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During manufacturing final product often changes shape and form, implemented changes after testing require new set of drawings and often new materials.

Document/drawings management ensures:

  • seamless flow of up to date information

  • access to all historic data

  • offsite storage of all original documentation

  • generic numbering system

  • uniformity of all drawings and document templates to provide consistency and a professional image

  • instant access to information

  • CAD industry standard

  • read-only onsite access

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It does not matter what You are making – the goal of the production is alweys the same:

„Minimize Cost, Maximize Profit”

Achieving an ideal manufacturing operation also means best quality product possible, without wasting materials. Optimization of the production works in cycles – observing your current process, developing and implementing strategies and then returning to observation to start improvement cycle anew.

We can help you in couple simple steps:

  • setting goals of process optimization in manufaturing

  • choosing method of process optimization

  • discovering means to minimize cost and maximize production

  • critical and costructive consideration of manufacturign processes

  • developing manufacturing process optimization strategies

  • mplementing strategies for process optimization

  • observing optimization results and discovering new strategies


Check out also our new product / production lines services or contact us for more information

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The process of bringing new product to market can seem long and costly and might be enought to put you off getting started. We are hear to help you break it down to most important steps and even manufacture required prototypes and final product.

  • Product concept (basic sketches and needed concepts)

  • Product design development (reliability, manufacturing cost, manufacturing time, availability)

  • CAD design (3d rendering, 2d documentation)

  • Prototype manufacturing (CAM, critical thinking, discovering flaws to achieve best possible outcome, feedback and testing)

  • Product development (implementing needed improvements, BIM, cost of manufacturing and assembly, production process, packeging)

  • Final Product (production process and time management)


Introducing new product to existing production line can be challenging. It often requires new assembly stations new tools redesigning production lines or even relocating the whole production to new facility.

Our team can guide you through that process – from drawings up proposals, cost analysis and needed documentation to working on site to implement new production.

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