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Rising To The Challenge


New typ4 EasyFix Machine

Tannen-Paradies Gmbh

Every single team member pitched in for this challenging yet fulfilling project. Although complicated and time-consuming, every Year we are coming up with innovating solutions for Tannen-Paradies. We’re looking forward to Typ5, when we can showcase even more of our resourcefullness and expertise.

Privilege Suites APARTHOTEL 

Global Properties Holding

In cooperation with MProject we designed and built steel constructions and provided custom lights - the end result of the Aparthotel made all of our hard work and research worthwhile. With a blend of modern aesthetics and best industry practices, we achieved great results within deadline and budget.

Priviele Suites Aparthotel.jpg
Heraeus 1.jpg

Production station

Heraeus Electro-Nite Polska

Through design and engineering innovation, we delivered great results for production plant in Poland. By closely collaborating with specialists in Heraeus, all client objectives for this project were surpassed. 

Roller transporter for Barlinek Ukraine production plant

Ferox Automation 

In cooperation with Ferox Automation we provided new roller transporters to Barlinek Ukraine wooden boards production unit. This project required also relocating machines from Polish Barlinek production plant and with the help of industry specialists everything was on place in Ukraine ready to work as planned.

Barlinek Ukraine.jpg
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