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Our engineering professionals draw from a broad experience base and can assist during any stage of the project life cycle with:

  • Mechanical Engineering – integreted assemblies, machined parts, sheet metal parts, welded assemblies, stamping and cutting tools and whole assembly stations

  • Manufacturing automation – solving complex manufacturing problems with atomation solutions provide real return to our customers, reducing operational expenses, increase profits and safety.

  • Process engineering – from choosing the best and most efficient process to cost analysis and factory product flow.

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One of the first and probably the most important step of production is well designed engineering solution.

We design special purpose machinery and tools, we offer total package of project, management, design, manufacture, build and installation – delivering to the customer's high quality, CE certificated machines to specification, to budget on time.


Our range of services from special tools for sheet metal fabrication, small slots in manufacturing process to whole automatic assembly stations and production lines.


We are also working with civil engineers and architects manufacturing steel constructions for industrial halls and building, hotels and offices but also homes and apartments.

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We are working in automation and robotization of manufacturing processes. Starting from simple semi-automatic assemby stations through automatic stations with assembly control systems, up to production lines and industrial 6-axis robots.

We are offering full documentation with 3d visualization and in-house parts production. This allows us to offer shorter lead times than most and if necessary to implement quick design and production changes for testing if needed.

Our offer also includes internal transport systems (belt, roller and chain conveyors), industrial manipulators and robot grippers.

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„Every step in the process is the most important step” – believing in that our team can help you choose the best and most efficient process, from cost analysis to product flow.


We provide a big range of process engineering services for both new and existing facilities, relocations, modifications, upgrades and new build facilities. From R&D and pilot installations to full-scale production. Working closely with our clients, we are providing complete solutions, from start to finish.

Our services:

  • Concept studies

  • Process development

  • Equipment Specification and Procurement

  • Plant suport and troubleshooting

  • Conceptual design

  • Planning and scheduling

  • Capital cost estimation

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